9 years ago when I joined YLF, the only ‘puffer’ I owned was a winter jacket that was part of a pants and coat set that was used primarily for snowboarding, and alternatively for shovelling snow or other outdoor chores. Cloth coats were the only proper coats.

These days puffers are an essential item in my wardrobe, and with a variety of weights - worn year ‘round as an integral part of my style. I have 4 puffers in my closet, and they see lots of action.

My favourite styling ‘hack’ is to wear a light weight puffer jacket under a cloth coat, with the puffer providing extra warmth and a sliver of colour (like a waistcoat) when the coat is worn open. I ‘dress up’ puffers by wearing silk scarves and dressier tops and bottoms. I’ve worn the cream puffer with a silky cream button down and pearls for a night out at a cold venue. My puffers, with their subtly shiny (more like a ‘glow’) surface provide the ‘shine’ that is otherwise lacking in my closet.

I don’t own a puffer vest, because I appreciate the sleeve length but after Angie’s blog post today, I’m considering it.

Do you love puffers and are they a part of your style? Share your collection!