In the spirit of cindysmith's thank you notes, some wardrobe items I've let go recently. This is, ideally, what I'd like churn to look like in my wardrobe going forward, although I'm not there yet, and still find myself passing on a few items here and there after only a small amount of wear.

My Sevilla Smith flats were so cool, and I got so many compliments, but after exactly 30 wears, they felt loose on my feet and often slipped off my heel. When I tripped down the stairs with them and bruised myself badly, it was the last straw, and I sold them on eBay, still in good condition. It was great to recoup some of my investment, and I don't regret purchasing, even though, for me, this was a ridiculously small number of wears for a pair of shoes. I am pretty sure, based on the selling price, that they'll go on to a good second life.

Two striped tees (one shown) were sent to Goodwill after 30 and 33 wears respectively. One had multiple pinprick holes in it and the other was starting to pill, but also was just never quite right. My Goodwill accepts worn and damaged clothing, as they do fiber recycling in addition to retail sales. I replaced these with one Boden striped tee.

After 37 wears, my rust duster sweater is badly pilled and has a hole in the armpit. It's not really fit for public use anymore, but I'm keeping it for loungewear, because it's wonderfully cozy. I guess some would call this a demotion, but I'm considering it repurposing.

It took 74 wears for my favorite skinny jeans to tear across the thigh, but of course it happened while I was on vacation with a minimal amount of clothing. I wore something else for the flight home, and then donated the jeans for fiber recycling. I still haven't replaced them, but I'm hoping NAS yields something.

What have you passed on recently? How and when do you transition clothes out of your wardrobe?