I have been thinking for a while that I needed some navy sandals. And interestingly a few of you pointed that need out in my recent WIW post. The truth is, I fell hard for the Vince Taye sandal (see finds below), but my feet did not love them. (Neither did my checkbook, but that is an entirely separate, though equally important, matter.) Nothing else has really caught my fancy, because quite frankly those are my dream sandals.

But then I caught a glimpse of the Kork-ease slides below, and I am kind of taken with them. They are lighter in color than I had originally envisioned and not as dressy, but tbh the Taye's were probably a little dressier than I really need. I'm leaning toward thinking that the Kork-ease actually look kind of cool and modern and not so terribly comfort-shoe-appearing. While at the same time being basic enough to fit my decidedly classic style. And that the color could turn out to be a denim-y go-with-everything kind of blue.

Am I deluding myself?