I need an opinion from the experts! I have loved moto boots for years, so much that I have gone through two pairs. They were inexpensive and not leather so they started looking worn more quickly than I would have liked but also because I wore them several times a week. I still wear the second pair but they were looking pretty raggedy by this spring.

Yesterday I saw some for a great price, in leather, in my size. My question for myself is, will I still like them for a while or will it be more like been-there-done-that? I don’t want to buy them and find that I would rather have a different style like a more fitted taller bootie. I do have various other styles of boots. They are inexpensive for leather boots, but still a chunk of my wardrobe budget. I know I love them but will they feel tired style-wise? No matter how much I love them if I feel that they are dated I won't wear them. I have to decide pretty quickly or they will be gone. Any advice? What experience have you had with purchasing something you already have? Did you regret it?