Over the pandemic, I lost 10 pounds, so I am now down to 4 pairs of jeans that fit me (actually, 2 pairs of jeans, each in 2 washes; I guess I like to repeat styles!). Between losing weight and zooming most of the time, I wore AG Pimas (which fit more like a straight leg on me) almost every day last year. However, I think it's time to expand my denim collection. The constraints are:
1) I'm short-waisted, so the current high-rise styles don't work on me - they are terribly uncomfortable.
2) I live in cold, snowy Minnesota, so cropped styles are not practical in the winter, when I wear very warm snow boots most of the time (I change into shoes at work).
Other things to know - I'm on sabbatical this year, so anticipate a lot of zoom calls and a lot of days wearing jeans again, although I will go into work some of the time. But I won't be teaching.
Given these constraints, I'm feeling a bit stuck regarding how to update my denim collection. I love the AG Ex-BFs, and wore them a lot in the spring and now again in the fall, but they won't work as well once full-on winter arrives.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!