Hi, Happy Fourth of July. I am invited to a small, casual lunch early next week. Need advice, suggestions, anything.
I just happen to have a pair of pants from Talbots, and a top from Nordies in finds. I also have a top from Talbots, white linen, buttons down back, and a short sleeve T from Talbots in same group, therefore blue as in pants. A beautiful shade of blue and summery looking to my eye. The only cons, the pants are too long for full length, but have rolled them to ankle length and like them that way. The two tops are see thru, but we all have to accept that or not as we choose. LOL.
Will you take it from there , tell me what you might do with what I am working with, what you might suggest to me (nothing is too harsh, go for it) or ask any question you want to. I have plenty of other things to work with but this is the newest.
I want to dress classic, feminine,"look pretty", clothes would have to do that, and of course polished. I have a long necklace, pearls with small silver between each one and a beautiful pendant on end, blue stones that look like the blues in the pants, will most likely wear one pearl bracelet and one to three rings.Do not wear earrings now. Hair covers ears.
Wish I could send pics, but can't. Thank you, Love you PS Just since pandemic I went from redhead to silver and grey hair.