In 2014, I want to step outside my comfort zone a bit and add some edginess to my outfits. I checked the forum archives to get a definition for "edgy," and it looks like people have various definitions of it. A theme that kept coming back was that it meant adding unconventional elements to your outfits. I'm thinking of Angie's formula some time back for wearing a sweatshirt with a leather skirt. Anna's recent WIW also combines distressed jeans with a very elegant blazer:

For those of you who have found ways to add a bit of edge to your outfits, do you have a method for how you do it? Do you have some favorite pieces that are very versatile that you use to add edge to a variety of outfits?

I'm not quite sure where to start. I don't want to look mismatched or like I have no fashion sense--I think it takes a bit of skill to pull such a look off.