I have decided to add some red into my wardrobe. Red is a colour that I love and so I was surprised to find how little I actually had, especially for warmer weather. I do own a red pea coat and jumper, so it is not an entirely 'new' colour for me. I have some red sandals, that I think I will wear more because I have some items that will co-ordinate with them.

I bought this little red capsule, which I am enjoying, as it works well with all the denim, black, white and blue that I own.

Sometimes it is fun to focus on a particular colour and deliberately add it into the mix. I was inspired by how well Angie integrated olive into her wardrobe, so that has been the aim with my new red acquisitions.

Bag - Samantha Thavasa (Japanese designer, bought in Singapore)
Denim skirt - Kate Spade New York
Orange top (OK - not red, but works with the skirt and bag) - Cue (Australian designer)
Red georgette shirt - Cue