So, the saga of my light colored booties for fall continues. Some people like relationship drama, I like shopping drama (this is my boyfriend's theory and I think he's on to something).

Here is my prior thread. In it, Janet found some Acne Jensen look alikes. I promptly ordered them in two sizes.

Picture 1 -- Acnes shown with my old 7s which I am trying out as a cropped jean. My thread about that is here.

2 -- With the Marc Fishers

3 -- With the Aquatalias

As you can see in the group photos, the Acnes are warmer while the Marc Fishers are more gray. The Aquatalias are taupe. The Marc Fishers match the sweater really well. It's an Eileen Fisher I just got from eBay (and yes I will wear a camisole underneath when it's not in the 90s, it was really hard taking these pictures!).

The Marc Fishers have a lot to recommend. But, they do not fit me well. They are too narrow for my foot in the 6.5, and the heel is too big in the 6.5 too. In the 7, the width is right but the I am swimming in the heel plus the boot is just too long overall. Trying these made me appreciate the good comfortable fit of the Acnes.

Style wise, the Acnes are much better with a cropped leg. So I've gone from wanting to return the Acnes to thinking I'm going to keep both the Acnes and the Acquatalias, is this a mistake I wonder. I have done all sorts of girl math and "you deserve these" mental gymnastics to justify keeping both...

Anyway if you have a narrow foot I recommend the Marc Fishers. Whether the heel is too big you would have to judge for yourself.

Thanks again for tolerating my endless threading about these boots! I hope my experience will help someone else at least.

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