Somewhat off the wagon for April- 6 in, bringing me to 13 out of 36. Way better than last year though!
In for April:
2 gear tops: "challenge accepted" is a duplicate-basically sums up my fitness attitude! Also-it's bum covering. I know I said I wasn't buying cold weather stuff, but the Nike has openwork, so not as hot. Looks brown but is burgundy irl.
Bronze top is an affordable sub for the Boss one I wanted, and similar to one I wore to death.
Little crossbody wallet is a replacement for a wallet with no strap. It goes in my big bag to work, but carry just the little one otherwise. Already a workhorse.
2 cuff bracelets- the one that looks purple is actually olive. Bracelets are my go to in summer, so have been wearing both a lot.
Really these were low hanging fruit-after hewi frustration! And one of my offices is across from little shops...and the other is near the outlets....

Eta totals so far:
Gear-3, inc shoes
Winter tops-3
Summer tops-2
Summer dresses-2
Pupy value of all 156 and above!