These look perfect on you! I am feel a little slow this morning in terms of parsing the difference between 80s, 90s and current jeans styles. I am pretty sure this style never worked on me even when I was at my thinnest. I will stick to bootlegs as my next shape I think. Those are all I remember wearing!

They look fabulous on you; no wonder you smiled every time you saw them!

Thanks for this post! Your fresh stylings make what was old seem new again! I will be wearing more high rise, and even semi tucking, but I think I’ll go for more of a slim straight silhouette.

These jeans look fantastic on you. Great that the Wedgies don't give you a wedgie.

Perfect! They look great and I love that they sing with your Furla bag.

Truthfully I am not sure what I think of these jeans. They look really nice on all you who have posted pics of them but my eye has not adjusted to the shape or the light color at all. Maybe it will just take me a little more time - I am not generally an early adopter of fashion

Love these on you! The look is so fresh with the white boots.

Thanks for the kind words and giggles, ladies.

Laura, LOVE those on you. (How quickly the eye can adjust!). Good job getting the slightly shorter rise, and maybe give the hems a slight hack. See how it goes. Flattering on your petite curvy figure. Thanks for sharing. WOOHOOO. Waving at my jeans twin and ‘80s style sister.

Kkards, maybe it was too soon? Try them again in a dark wash.

Kate, you were wedged into a wedgie. HAHAHAHAH

Colette, I see a LOT of gorgeous potential there. You need a slightly different fit and a shorter or longer hem length. Add footwear and you’ll be rocking it.

Lisa p, agreed. It’s going to boil down to personal figure flattering priorities. How much conventional figure flattering are you willing to forgo to have fun with trends, or change things up from skinnies? Of course, there are many options. This look is just one of them, and probably not a popular one - for now

Jaime, there is cross-over between the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Think of Elaine from Seinfeld as the example.

Thank you Angie! I'm going to keep trying different styles for sure.

It's kind of disgusting how good those pants look on you

Angie, these are so adorable on you! Your experience with them is exactly what my experience is like with the off-white ones I got in spring/summer of 2017. I love them. I've considered getting a blue pair. They would have to be the same button fly and fit, or I'd be disappointed. I got these OSKA jeans instead, and they do have a bit of a similar feel, but they don't go with the same things; they are a little harder to style.

Passing for myself, as i like my jeans thin and stretchy, but you rock them!

Oh goodness, I’ve been away from YLF for too long... “wedgie” jeans and Angie in a hoodie! Oh my!

I’m more surprised at the hoodie actually! Somehow the jeans just work on you beautifully - as does everything! Fun look.

I think Laura makes a really good point, we all have our sweet spot for rise. If you have a short rise, a midrise jean is your high rise. If you have a long rise then you are going to be able to wear the super higher rise jeans. That rise # should be the best help in getting any look we want but to achieve it best for our anatomy! The madewell skinny 9" comes to my umbilicus but lower than my natural waist. Any higher would make me look short waisted. But I have midrise jeans that also have a 9" rise but they sit lower due to the construction and material. And I have 9" rise more contoured that are my version of lowish midrise. That number is a key to less returns and more success for me. Know thy numbers!

Colette, glad to hear it. Keep me posted.

Cindy, you crack me up.

Ooooh, Sharan. Fun new jeans. Want to see them on!

Marianna, good to see you! It IS a luxe cashmere hoodie that I wear with a real pair of chunky pearls - not so out of charater

Gryffin, YES. Know thy rise. And it sounds like we have a similar sweet spot.

These are Wedgie straight legs. The wash looks similar to yours but they have a raw edge at the bottom so I can easily hack them shorter. I find high rises extra comfy because they tend to stay up without a belt.