Burgundy jeans have been a highly elusive item for me for several years.  These check all of the boxes - great color, good fit, medium rise, etc.

My question is about the fabric content and stretch factor of non-cotton fibers in jeans.  The fabric content in The Dre is 55% cotton, 42% lyocell, 3% spandex.  How much will they stretch?  Will they bag out?

I am in between sizes and trying to decide if I should go with the snugger fit to compensate for the stretch and potential bagging out.  I detest jeans that bag out. For this reason the NYDJ Samantha does not work for me.

I would appreciate hearing from others who have experience with R&B jeans, The Dre cut or general guidelines on non-cotton fibers jeans.  Do you have a general rule of thumb on spandex and/or polyester content?  Do premium brands so a better job containing the bag out factor? 

Thanks very much for your insight!