It's so much easier to build a capsule very loosely in your head - or not really think about it at all - when your wardrobe is based on blue jeans. Everything works with blue denim these days, and it's an absolute style luxury actually.

It's much harder to pull together a business casual work wear capsule because jeans are not an option as a bottom (you don't have that luxury). AND you have to wear a presentable outfit each day - not just one or two days a week. Plus it's usually within a defined dress code and for a specific environment. That's one of the reasons people struggle putting together biz casual capsules.

So remember how lucky you are when you can wear jeans whenever you want to. It makes your style life a whole lot simpler.

(Some companies allow their employees to wear jeans on Fridays - or trouser jeans, black jeans or white jeans - which does help the capsule building process).