I spent the first half of yesterday going through my fall and winter wardrobe as it currently exists - it was +30 Celcius and thunderstorms so though I'd take advantage of being unable to work in my garden.

I played with putting different combinations together and am quite pleased with my wardrobe. I have black replacement booties on order (supposedly arriving today) which was a wardrobe hold identified earlier as my other black booties have fallen apart.

I had also identified a traditional trench coat as a need but have since changed my mind. I'm quite happy with the my navy London Fog button up coat and honestly, our weather goes from light jacket to full blown down winter coat quickly so will make do with what I have.

However I did identify a hole/need yesterday that is also a want. A white blouse. Now I do have a crisp white button down but have determined I'm not a crisp button down kind of girl. Instead I'm a drapey/flowy button up blouse kind of girl.

So I'm looking for a white button up, drapey fabrication, long sleeved blouse in petite that I can wear both tucked and untucked with trousers, jeans and pencil skirts alike. I don't want sheer as I do not want to have to wear a cami. And I'd like it to be at least hand washable, no dry cleaning.

Any suggestions or wise ones???