I love dresses. I feel at home in dresses. I can go anywhere and feel comfortable in a dress. They are very forgiving on - especially with a bold print and in black. I found set styles that highlight my best features and camouflage my not-so-great features. I can change the vibe just by changing my shoes and accessories....

This is an important discovery I made while going through my minimalist wardrobe exercise.

And yet, a minimalist wardrobe goes a long way with separates - which, with my body type, for some reason is more difficult. Pants and skirts dig into my large waist, not only giving me a muffin top but making me incredibly uncomfortable. Tops expose my muffin top, or when it's too loose, make me look too large or off-balanced. The only way I made separates work is with the long over lean silhouette.

I'm so torn. Almost every capsule wardrobe advice article recommends separates, and YES!!!! I wholeheartedly agree! But what if you can't help but just be a dress person? Should I force myself into becoming a "separates" girl for the sake of this exercise or should I stay true to me?

NOTE: I still wear my long over Lean separates - but usually reserved for very casual settings.

I'm willing to give separates a try - but it will likely mean I'll have to be very discerning about fit and might possibly have to make very regular trips to the tailor.