So frustrating. I ordered both the Alice and Olivia denim dress, and the longer one from Jason Wu. Both ordered in size 4. I am usually a 4, sometimes a 2.
I didn’t want to order both sizes to “help” the environment and stop the waste with returns , but sorry I didn’t.

The A&O dress was too tight in a 4, so I ordered the 6 now! The Jason Wu took a longer time to get to me, and is too big as a 4. But now it is sold out in USA in a 2! I found it on Net-a-Porter in the right size on their European site, but they won’t ship to USA(whaaat? In 2023?) and their USA site is also sold out. Seriously, what’s up with that? I order from Europe all the time. Sighs. At least I will get to try the Alice and Olivia dress.

This goes to show that sizing is all over the place. I have A&O pants in size 4 that fit fine. You know that men don’t have to worry that a size 33 pant or 44 jacket is any different in size between brands!