Very nice choices! I think Outfits #1 and #3 are my absolute favorites on you.

karen - thanks! Those jeans are so great I just duplicated them in dark blue. They're a nice shape without being tight at all. Any jeans that pinch when I sit aren't being worn right now, but since I'm willing to wear all but those and the dressiest pieces in my wardrobe right now, it's not too limiting.

Suntiger - thank you! And yes, my org values science so we will listen to scientists on this. When our offices start reopening, I'm sure it will be very carefully done.

Suz, thank you! It is comfy, and has pockets! Things are tough here, and I try not to think too hard about it so that I don't spiral. It helps that I have work to focus on. My neighborhood has a low infection rate, so at this point I feel comfortable with my daily walks and any shopping for food (especially since I keep reading that those activities are low risk for transmission).

Leandra - thank you!

Completely missed this post - the red version of “our” dress looks amazing on you! Love it so much.

Preppy Pear - it's a great dress and SO EASY right now. The blue one is great on you.