Urban Outfitters carries some Agolde (not much) but I always feel so out of place (read: grown up) the rare times I step in there!

Hi Janet! I was searching old threads looking for suggestions on mid rise straight leg full length jeans and found your post. I was wondering if you ever found ones that work for you?

Hi nemosmom! I ordered these three to try. The COH are actually more low-ish rise than I want and they run small (at least they do on me), so those were not what I wanted at all — they’re packed up and ready to return. I don’t know how I missed the rise description.

The AG’s are not bad. They fit well in the waist and hip but are still close on the leg (I have thick legs, they probably fit other people better *heavy sigh*). They are not tight per se, it’s just that I’m wanting a slightly looser fit in the thigh down through the knee. Also, they have whiskering at the hips that is not my favorite.

The DL1961 jeans are a nice style — true straight leg, uniform wash, and a little more roomy. In fact, in my usual size I think I need the waist taken in. They are roomy in the waist and tummy and I need to wear them around the house to see if they bag out and get too loose with wear. Also keeping in mind that I think I’m at or near my peak weight at the moment, I pondered a size down, but that will probably make the thigh slightly tighter and also make them too short. As it is, they are *just* long enough to wear over fitted-ankle booties. I could release the hems for a bit more length and a bit more casual, current look. I might order the smaller size just to see if they work, but the last thing I want is more leg-sucking jeans.

I can’t tell you how much I envy women who have so many denim style options that look good on them. It seems like one out of a hundred pairs of jeans actually suits me, and nothing trendy ever looks good. It’s so discouraging.

Thank you, Janet for the response and feedback! My legs are not as long as yours, but I have thick thighs and calves and prefer the longer line of a full length that isn't leg sucking. I can't believe it's so hard to find the perfect straight leg jean that covers boot tops. Darn unicorn jeans!

Sorry to hear the COH didn't work. I am holding out hope for you on the DL1961s! Hopefully they don't bag out.

I'm having similar difficulties. I have full thighs also, and everything looks like a skinny on me. At least I am short so don't have to worry about the cropped issue! I love the look of jeans that are somewhat loose fitting and skimming, but my thighs have other plans, lol.

Gigi, I’m laughing along with “my thighs have other plans” — I like that.

Janet, you might want to try a size down on those DL's just in case. Sometimes the lengths are the same across a few sizes.

Angie, I saw there was one pair left in the size down, so I ordered them to compare. Hubs loves the look of them on me but also agrees that they’re a little big in the waist and upper hip. Certainly a doable alteration but we’ll see what the other size looks like just to be safe.