I think I'm going to let go of my two old pairs of Paige dark wash bootcut jeans, even though they are both in wonderful condition (ebay, here they come!). The waistbands are too restrictive and they're not as comfortable on me as they used to be (thanks, expanding perimenopausal midsection). And even more frustratingly, they've never quite stopped that annoying bleeding of blue dye onto lighter colored items (and my hands!) when I wear them, despite washing, vinegar soaking, etc.

So yesterday, in the spirit of leaving no retail stone unturned, I stopped in the Lucky Brand store and tried on a pair of the Lolita boot cuts. In the "long" length (34"), they will be long for me with a 2.5" or so heel, maybe even 3". They are very flattering and extremely comfortable! I always liked the fit of Lucky on me, but a few years ago I stopped trying them because it seemed they never stocked longer lengths, and 32" just doesn't cut it on me unless I am wearing a completely flat shoe, which is almost never.

Link is below if anyone is interested. They have a few washes, and the cut is particularly good for those of us who have hips and thighs to fit. Be aware, they are stretchy, not stiff, but I like my jeans with stretch. The SA said they will loosen up maybe half a size with wear over the course of a day, but they go right back to the original size when they are washed.

I'll try to take some pics tomorrow and post them.