I had destroyed a bunch of tops, and decided I needed new tops. So I bought some new (and new to me) tops.

Then I didn't wear many of the newly acquired tops. So I decided I needed MORE tops.

What I have finally realized is that I don't need "more tops". I just need to clone my most favorite tops. That way, I would have a top to wear when my favorite tops are in the laundry. I would also have a top to wear when the inevitable happens and I destroy a favorite top.

I've realized that I keep buying tops because I don't have enough tops in the cuts and shapes and colors and fabrics that I love, and I keep trying to find more of the shapes and cuts and colors and fabrics I like.

What a waste of energy and money! I should just get smart and find a talented seamstress who is also a pattern maker so I can have her create exact duplicates of my favorite tops.

Thank heaven I don't have this problem with my bottom half. Pants and jeans are much easier. Give me a skinny jean or a legging and I'm happy. (Of course, it's not quite that simple, but it's nowhere near as hard as finding tops.)

Now, I suppose I need to begin the hunt for a talented seamstress.

Edited to add the 3 tops I would start with.

The first is a tunic that I have had to relegate to lounge wear. The shape of it is just so loose and comfortable. The length is almost dress length on me, which makes it a pretty good companion for leggings. I also am in love with what it says on the side: I feel infinite. The fabric would be a problem, since it has been relegated to lounge wear because of teeny tiny holes.

Up next is a strange one. It is a linen and wool blend by Young Fabulous & Broke. This one needs a duplicate because I reach for it so often that I often find it isn't there because it is in some stage of the laundry cycle. This one could possibly be found on Ebay or some other site, but I would have to get lucky.

Last is my doo.ri top that I already ruined and replaced once (thank heaven for yoox!). The fabric seems good when I look at it and feel it, but both shirts developed small holes. This one I most definitely want to have clones made, but maybe in a better fabric. It doesn't drape, it has a bit of structure to it especially in the back, so a thicker, richer cotton knit should be fine.