Can Birkenstocks become LESS comfortable over time? And I mean, not after a breaking in period, but after years of wear...

I have had my pair for four years, I think. I remember the first time I wore them I felt I was walking on clouds :). I wore them throughout my pregnancy with swollen feet. Possibly because of that (though we're three years past that now), they now feel too wide. I thought about having an extra hole punched into the buckle to tighten them, but the footbed seems to have hardened and feels a bit uncomfortable now too. I can still wear them, but don't feel inclined to wear them on a long walk, which is their purpose.

I'm thinking of going to a shoe store to try some different types of walking sandals and see if my feet are just no longer favoring Birks, or if maybe a new (narrow?) pair fits me better.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience too.