It makes sense to have a closet proportionately heavy in work clothes if you spend 40-60 hours a week at work. When I retired, work clothes didn’t work. Even though I was thinking and planning for retirement, it still took a year to 18 months for my wardrobe to ‘catch up’ to my changed lifestyle and to reflect my style persona.

Without advance notice or preparation, a lot of folks have experienced a lifestyle change, with stay at home/work from home the new norm. does your closet measure up to this challenge so far? If you aren’t dipping into your work clothes, do you have ENOUGH of the right kind of clothes to feel good in your current life situation? How long before you think you might need/want to change things up? How will you change things up?

*This thread was prompted by the fact then when I opened up the new Nordstrom’s link for Canada, the ‘new’/what’s trending section was all about PJ’s, athletic apparel, and comfy sweaters!*