I see a few people creating custom finds for items that I think are available online. So I just want to emphasize that if an item is available online you should be able to collect it using the bookmarklet. There are some cases where we don't yet support certain stores, but we're up to more than 120 stores now so those are fewer than they were in the beginning.

Just to summarize the ways you can get items into your collection:

  1. The heart icon: clicking the heart icon on a find that someone else already collected is by far the easiest way to collect it.
  2. The bookmarklet: once you have installed the bookmarklet, this is also extremely easy.
  3. Creating a custom find: here you create it from scratch entering the info yourself and uploading your own picture.
Number 3 is really a last resort and has a few disadvantages. Other people can't collect the item, and you won't get price alerts for it. That said, it is an important last resort for people who want to get their whole wardrobe online and who have older items or items they bought at a thrift store.

If you are having trouble getting the bookmarklet to work, please feel free to PM me for help.

Also, please continue to make requests for stores that aren't supported. I am adding new stores all the time.