In the 1990's when I had just started out on my professional career, I bought a woollen black watch tartan skirt suit. It fitted perfectly and was a nice balance between being professional and feeling fashionable. I loved that suit which got worn into the ground and has never been replaced, because quite simply, I have never found anything to equal it.

Browsing through the Black Friday sales items, I found a jacket that reminded me of that old suit. Not the same cut and not a true black watch tartan as it has red and yellow in the mix. The jacket is on its way to me and will be my Christmas present.

On reflection, I am glad it is not a direct copy of its predecessor, as when I try to replace items, it usually leads to disappointment.

I will wear this jacket differently to how its predecessor was worn, not as a suit but as a separate formally with a little black dress and casually with denim (the jacket and examples of how I plan to wear it with are in Finds). Just pulling together a plan on how to wear this jacket makes me hopeful that I will love this jacket for what it is, rather than simply because it reminds me of something I remember as being great that I wore when I was young.

How have you gone with revisiting a favourite fashion moment from the past? What factors help make it work for you?