At the beginning of 2021, as usual, I set my wardrobe goals:
- continue to keep my wardrobe moderate/small and if possible reduce furthermore
- limit dark colors and add light ones.
And at the end of the year, as usual, I draw the sums.
I can't tell you which my surprise was when I found out that:
the total number of pieces worn in 2021 is 68 - compared to the average of 82;
the number of purchases is 14 - compared to the average of 30.
And I also have, finally!, some happy colors in my closet.
I do not know how I did. I think this happened thanks to some luck I recently had in shopping (generally I have not).
I was able to find the right pieces (things that I really like, in the right fabric and colour, that feel like me and that make me happy).
This confirms my idea that, if I have the right pieces, I can happily live with a small wardrobe and do not feel the need of variety.
It may seem a small thing (I bet you were expecting some sensational news ), but it has been a pleasant surprise at the end of a difficult year for me (the pandemic was only the cherry on top).
Forever grateful to YLF that taught me a lot.
Wishing you all a serene and joyful New Year!