I’ve been struggling with this post, as I wanted to elaborate on the new direction my style journey is taking. Then I looked at my outfit pics and felt satisfied, but not delighted. I like these outfits, but are they really fab?

I was consciously building towards the style moniker of the gentlewoman rebel. I can spin lots of words around this but mainly it builds on the ‘new garconne’, Parisian chic esthetic that’s been overtaking pinterest (or maybe just mine) and the high street (maybe just in Antwerp) over the past years. I added rebel because I’m at once drawn to and feeling rebellious against the modest, understated and minimal outfits that now seem to be the uniform of a certain group of thirtysomething cityfolk I only half identify with.

So yes, I’m very inspired to build outfits around my new fitted trousers (the uniqlo ezy ankle pants), pairing them with flats for the ultimate gentlewoman or forties tomboy vibe. But I’ve also noticed that the outfits I’m most happy about, include at least one bolder element: an actual color, some contrast, a statement print.

That brings me to two painpoints of where I am now with my wardrobe:
- I added so many neutrals over the last years and only a little color & pattern. And not even all my neutrals work together.
- I am generally bad with color, wanting maximum mix and match potential but lacking the artist’s eye to visualize combinations while shopping or to just know what will work.

And I don’t even know any more if I want to add many more items to the capsule of fitted trousers, blouses and shirt dresses right now. I may need to wear my existing combinations for a while, add a topper or two, and then go on to explore other silhouettes or even themes. Perhaps mini capsules.

Anyway, let’s head on to the actual outfits and hear you opinion. How can I improve these? Do they convey at all the things I’m looking for, the tension between the masculine and feminine, between formal and relaxed?

1) posted before in post about ezy pant: favorite wear with blouse.
2) full length with tucked in sweater, I like this silhouette too
3 and 4) with drapey tee, not crazy about the longer blazer here (too eighties together?)
5 6) classic shirt dress, do sort of regret choosing this faded black color though & is the silk scarf too much like a flight attendant’s?
7 & 9) trousers with fine knit sweater, probably best on off days when I just want to feel polished & comfortable
8) love my new leopard print scarf for a hint of fashionista!
10) wearing overalls in the most subtle way I could think of
11) drapey top with cigarette pants, you can’t see the batwing and the button closure in the back - still with these details I find it lacking interest in every outfit I try it with...

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