Last night I ended up doing a little mall walking, and I checked out Madewell, JCrew and Nordstrom. Tried on Madewell jeans for the first time, and they seem pretty nice, but nothing that was enough of a departure from what I already have. They had a blue and black plaid sheer blouse like the one Anna posted, but not in my size.

I tried the JCrew merino turtleneck and really liked the lightweight fabrication and easy fit. My old turtlenecks (worn for layering) are, well, old, and much more fitted. Plus they're black and grey, and I thought the navy may be a good change for me, particularly with my new plaid jeans.

In Nordstrom, I finally found what I think is my chambray shirt solution. I have a small collection of not-quite-right chambray shirts, and if this one does what I think it will (easy layering both under and over), I'll get rid of the old ones!

I was curious about wrap front blouses after Angie's post the other day, since I think they play more nicely with jacket collars than my usual collared blouse styles. So when I spotted this Pleione one, I decided to try it. It looks less office-y on me, perhaps because I tried it on with the distressed bf jeans I was wearing.

Sorry, no pics, just sharing the finds.