ETA: I have made decisions and returned a few things I was on the fence about. Others still in the works. Everyone's thoughtful input has really helped!

I had some grand ideals about moderation and frugality this fall, but I came up against two factors that challenged my resolve:

  • The need to find something to wear for my nephew's wedding and associated events meant I needed to shop. After losing a significant amount of weight not much in my closet fit, and I had literally zero dressy shoes.
  • Once I got into the stores, I got a bit caught up in the thrill of feeling good in things I tried on. Since it was too early for much holiday wear to be available, I was trying on anything I remotely thought could be dressed up or passed off. And frankly, I tried on (and bought) lots of stuff just because I liked it and was so thrilled that it fit.

Given the fit/flattery challenges at my higher weight, I was so conditioned to snapping up anything that made me feel even remotely presentable that I WAAAY overbought when more things started to work for my shape.

Now that the festivities are behind me, I spent last night going through my recent purchases and deciding what to keep. I am still on the fence with a few pieces, but MOST of what I brought home is going back.

Here's a rundown of this fall's keepers:

  • Burgundy Bernardo long puffer jacket (on deep discount at the Bay)
  • Bright orange plaid scarf to go with it.

This represents the start of a long-overdue expansion of my shoe wardrobe, which has been pretty limited lately.

  • Burgundy Ecco Sartorelle oxfords (deep discount at the Ecco outlet - I figure a low-risk way to try this style. If it works, I might buy in another colour.)
  • Bronze metallic Ecco Soft 7s
  • Cognac Olukai sneakers
  • Black patent croc-embossed Clarks loafers (my "dressy" shoe!)


  • Oatmeal knit midaxi tube skirt (with pockets thank you very much). Its sister, in grey, is in my keep or not keep zone right now.
  • Lightweight rayon camo joggers
  • Black knit trumpet-style midi skirt

Tops and Toppers

  • Creamy/taupy/mushroomy boxy sweater -- Only via a local boutique
  • Olive Tahari utility-style jacket -- very lightweight
  • Olive Tahari t-neck top
  • L/s green graphic tee
  • Heathered light grey sweatshirt-style tee
  • Lightweight pink sweatshirt
  • Grey velvet embroidered jacket (taupe one has to go back -- it is sewn badly at the neck -- doesn't sit properly)
  • Black lace blouse. ETA - RETURNED. I want a lace blouse, but I will wait for better.
  • Lurex tank ETA - RETURNED. I liked it from the front, but not the back. Next.

And two new bras!

On the Fence

  • ETA - RETURNED. Burgundy Christian Siriano sweater with lurex threads. Not needed and still a bit snugger than my preferred fit, but I adore the colour.
  • Cream, grey, black and camel striped French Connection sweater (if weather had turned cold sooner I probably would have worn it right away and been done with it. Now I've had time to waffle....)
  • Heavy-weight simple black short top. ETA Returning -- not really a priority right now. No one, including my visiting niece would allow me to wear this to the wedding, but I still like it. I can see a cute Audrey Hepburn vibe with cropped black pants, cropped jeans -- will see...
  • Grey version of the oatmeal skirt above. ETA WILL RETURN - I ONLY NEED ONE. I love this skirt. The grey works pretty well with the grey velvet jacket. But I don't know how great this skirt will be with tights for winter wear -- I think it could make it clingy - so maybe not a very practical item to keep?
  • Black velvet wide leg pants. At $20 these seems like a no-brainer to keep around, and after seeing DonnaF rock velvet pants for a routine outing, I started to think a bit more broadly about how I might use them.
  • Jones New York cognac faux suede shacket. ETA Will return. Don't need it this winter. Didn't think I needed a shacket until I saw this colour. I probably still don't need it. But I like it. Will fight with myself a bit more on this one...
  • Dark brown faux suede boxy long-blazer style jacket. ETA Will return. It just isn't special enough, despite being brown. I hate to miss out on brown while it is available...This works with the oatmeal skirt. Could serve as a blazer if we return to the office.
  • Cognac t-neck sweatshirt. ETA will return. The fabric rides up over my bust when I move so I'll always be fussing with it. Love the colour. It spices up black ponte pants for WFH. I worry a heavy t-neck like this will be too much when a hot flash hits. As much as I love t-necks, I am finding them hot at certain times. (joys of this stage of life!)

My gawd that's a lot. And the list above doesn't include the bags of things that are sitting in bags waiting to go back. (Oops, I might have forgotten to add a long cream cardigan I threw in for no real reason other than that I liked the knit.ETA RETURNED I already have a long, light coloured cardigan, so this is probably excessive.)

Having detailed this list of what I'm keeping and what I'm still considering is a bit sobering, considering I was trying not to buy much at all...

Although I admit I am fighting the urge to add a pair of dark brown pants sooner than later, I still see making do with existing ponte pants for as much of the winter as possible. When it is NOT possible anymore I will enjoy treating myself to something new.

I try to justify the tops a bit by saying most of them help to fill a gap -- I kept finding myself looking for boxy, semi-tuckable, lightweight crewneck tops and really had none. (Instead I have a closet full of t-necks that were not cutting it in the warmer weather)

Despite the extent of these purchases, lots still on my wish list to add more colour/pattern variety. I won't chronicle these just yet, and keep reminding myself that I don't have to get it all at once.

If you've read this far, thanks for playing along. I'm not really sure of the point of this bit of navel gazing, but I suppose it helps to keep me at least a bit accountable for and aware of what I'm doing!

Comments and thoughts are always welcome!