This could be the most basic question ever asked, but I've lived in pants and jeans for a couple of years, so I am WAY out of practice with skirts. I would love to resuscitate a black midcalf knit silk-and-cashmere skirt that I found in the depths of my closet. It has a little flare at the bottom and a nice drape. I tried it on with 2.5-inch black boots and it just looked weird because the flare was so high off the ground, then I tried it on with ballet flats and it looked totally unoriginal (when in doubt, ballet flats...). Also... black tights or no? Bare legs look odd in the winter, but then I *really* don't know what footwear works because ballet flats are too dainty for tights. Aren't they?

I love this skirt (I'm too short for a maxi, too old for a mini, and at-the-knee skirts make me look and feel stumpy), but I just can't make it look good once I start adding the fancy touches... like shoes. I can't figure out what would look good on top, either. (I'm a mess!)

This is so silly of me. What could be more basic than a black skirt?--but I can't figure out how to make use of it. Thanks so much for any advice!