It's GORGEOUS. If you like brights, the depth of the pink is sublime. The fit is fabulous on a straighter figure once you get the sizes right - runs big. The gold buttons are wonderfully retro. A happy, festive and beautiful outfit.

I fell in love with the NYFW version of the suit - see pic - which is why I ordered it for my holiday look this year. (Going more casual, maximal and want separates).

But the suit went back.

Despite the bright colour, and the bling and heels that I could add to the outfit - it still felt too Tomboy for this leg of my style journey. The breast pockets and patch pockets on the blazer remind me too much of my school uniform (which I wore for 12 years). Something can look fabulous in the mirror, but just. not. feel. right.

The point of this is to encourage you all to LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS. Don't take the emotion out of your style.

And on that note, I do hope that someone else will love this suit and commit to it.