I do both, but mostly in different colors because I like the colors, fit and fabric. I can understand duplicating exactly if there are laundry back-ups, but I tend to then duplicate in the same color but a different but similar fit. For example I have white Kut From The Kloth Diana jeans in a regular and in a boyfriend fit plus a pair of white coated denim. Each is a little different but can be worn with the same tops if the one or more are in the laundry.

Interesting post. I have duplicated an exact item only once, and I regretted it, because although I wear the item frequently, I don't wear it enough to wear it out. I also have found that by the time something wears out, my style has changed, and I am ready to move on to something else.

I do like to duplicate items in different colors, although I try to have rules for myself here. I duplicate only if the item is a basic item (pretty nondescript in its cut and design), and I try to duplicate in a different saturation (that is, I will buy a light color and a dark color). The latter rule is because I am a high-contrast dresser, so if I buy a light and a dark version, they won't compete for wears in my closet.

I did recently break this last rule, though, and bought a very distinctive tee from Anthro in two dark colors. I did this because the variant color was teal, and I have none of that color in my closet. It is very hard for me to find teal items, so I bought this when I had the chance. Only time will tell whether it was a good purchase!

Interesting! I rarely duplicate, I am constantly doing laundry so I don't have this excuse.

I did once buy two pairs of the same shorts in brown and black, I have two gym tanks the same in blue and coral. And this year I bought two identical pairs of jeans on a deal-the second pair costing $9. I have replaced footwear with the same style once worn out but changed the colour.

I have worn things out and wished I had a replacement. But it is hard to know which pieces they will be when I am shopping.

I've done both. I have duplicated the exact pair of shoes, including color, three times. I have duplicated the same style of shoes in different colors. I have multiple colors of J Crew long sleeve crew neck cashmere sweater, and of the number two pencil skirt. I have multiples of the same color of a Vince skinny rib turtleneck sweater in grey that I wear frequently.

I always fall in love in the store, get two (in the same or different colours) and then when the novelty wears off, regret my decision.
The way I think of it is that there is an opportunity cost when duplicating: You've sunk money into an item when that money could have gone to another potential favorite, or something that adds more variety to your wardrobe.

I think I do 3 types of duplicating and some are more successful than others.

1. Exact same item - somewhat successful. I do this with white tops. White never lasts long and in summer is worn a lot so the duplicates are all in rotation at the same time. I also did this with a pale pink cardigan and black dress/tunic (both pretty cheap). The duplicates here were back ups for when these wardrobe workhorses bit the dust. This is the first year I've done this. I was very hesitant about bringing the duplicates into rotation, thinking I was being decadent retiring the older ones too soon. Then I thought I didn't really like them any longer. But, when the season finally changed (late this year), the new ones were/are in heavy rotation again.

2. Same item different colour. Birks - definite success in taupe and black - wore both equally this summer. Short and long sleeve tees often purchase online where it's difficult to gauge colour. I'll buy multiples thinking I'll choose the best colours and always end up with one more than I end up wearing (usually three where I should have kept two).

3. Similar items different colour (skinnies) - dark rinse, medium rinse, light colour, and some in between colours that no one but me notices is any different!

Wow! Going through finds I realized I duplicate a lot! Too many to attach. Need to think more about this.

Is a serial duplicator a uniform dresser?

I don't duplicate frequently, only over multiple seasons after I've figured out that an item works for me--and most things disappear by that time!

1) I bought a second identical pair of black harem pants from H&M and ADORE them as lounge bottoms that can also go outside or to the airport in a pinch.

2) I have two Everlane basic v-neck tees, first size S in white and size XS in muted black. Originally I had a size S in dark purple, but it got ragged looking. I definitely prefer the size S for more drape, and I'm thinking about replacing the XS muted black with a size S in true black now they have that color.

3) Lots of duplicates of my favorite bra, the Natori Feathers! I own it in emerald green as well as two each of the black and nude. Honestly it'd be most useful to duplicate again in nude, but the green color cheers me up.

4) A vintage Anthro skirt which I first bought in plum and loved so much that I duplicated in kelly green from an online reseller a few years later. But magenta fits much better into my wardrobe than kelly green does; I'm thinking about passing on the green skirt.

5) Almost forgot: BF jeans! I finally bought a pair this summer and wore them so much that I duplicated, albeit again in a different wash and size. I don't like the size up as much, but still wear them a ton.

6) Over time I've bought several pairs of AG Stevie colored skinnies, but I don't really think of those as duplications--I know that the fit works for me and each color serves a distinct purpose.

Hmm, evidently I duplicate a lot more than I thought!

I don't duplicate often, but I will for jeans and work trousers as I'm so hard to fit being short and larger size. So if the pants are a great fit, I'll snap them up in multiple colors.

Back when I went to work everyday I often wore soft leather flats by Enzo Angiolini. After reading this thread I looked up those shoes and they have disappeared. I used to buy them at Macy's. Did the company go out of business? I had them in brown, tan, navy, cream, white, black, red. Maybe more. Now I'm just so surprised that they're gone.

Think I'm the worst of duplicating, LOL:-).
My first ankle wedge sandal I mention in my comment by Angie's post was a navy one. Wore it for all summer and duplicated the next year in tan. Wore the tan all the new season (while the navy was a bit neglected) but then duplicated again, the tan one in the same color. See what happens next, LOL!!:-)

For the most part, I'm inclined to duplicate the exact item as a future replacement, although when I find a style that I love, I may buy two colors if they will be useful in different contexts (e.g., nude pumps for the summer, and black pumps for the winter). And then I may duplicate those to have replacements for each! For me, it's helpful to assess the independent need for each color if I'm thinking of buying a non-exact duplicate; e.g., I'm likely to wear a black or navy cardigan, but as those are the only color cardigans that I regularly wear, I've learned to skip other colors.

I'll duplicate dress pants in different neutrals, like chocolate brown, charcoal, or black, and seem to get approximately equal wear out of each 'duplicate' pair.

For the record, I vote that underwear doesn't count as duplicating. We all have multiples of the same bra and panty, because we're all constantly looking for what makes our clothing look better, and when we find it, we usually stock up. (Many kinds of panties or knickers aren't even sold singly, but in three-packs and up.)

So, I think that to count as duplication, the item must be meant to be seen.

For tops of I loved the cut I would get them in other colors I love for footwear I'm pretty much a black boot wearer so maybe if I seen something I liked in the sales I would buy more then one pair budget allowing for jeans and pants I find mine are pretty much all the same style just in different legs lengths 34 inseam for flats and 36 inseam for heals