On yesterday's post about duplicating footwear, a number of the comments mentioned that people had duplicated in different colors but never in the same color.

It reminded me of something I learned from Angie years ago. Angie said that when you duplicate (any item, not just footwear), it's better to do it in the same color you already have. That item, in that color, has proven itself in your wardrobe, and if you get it in a different color, you'll usually find that one of them is the favorite while the other rarely gets worn.

That has proven so true for me that I have learned never to worry about having more than one of the exact same item.

How about you, have you found this to be true in your own closet (i.e., that duplicating is best done in the same color)? Yay or nay?

And if you're a duplicator who votes nay, do you duplicate in a different color to expand your wardrobe choices, or does it just feel silly and/or extravagant to have two of the same item?