Hi All

It is mid winter here so I am going to do a small wardrobe challenge for the month.


To wear ALL my winter clothes in style. Ideally each outfit will fit within my casual bold elegance criteria.


  • Wear all my seasonal appropriate clothing, footwear and bags at least once in July. Summer clothes have a pass as does occasion wear and any specific gear that I don't use (ski pants, swimsuit).
  • Each outfit must have one accessory (outside rings and reading glasses) - it might be a hat, bag, scarf or additional jewelry.
  • Document each outfit with a photo.
  • If I am not happy with the piece and outfit - to try again - or to edit out or put aside for an outfit lab. I don't want to just put back in the closet with no plan.
  • I am going to also go through gym, yoga, running gear that is winter appropriate with a discerning eye and also my lounge wear. I doubt I will document this.

Result (I hope)

To wear all my lovely clothes and accessories and see if I have any true gaps. I am also taking a shopping break for July as I feel well stocked and want to save my money for a new work bag.

Anyone else keen to join in - I know it is summer for most and vacation season so timing may be a challenge. For me July is a mix of work, a couple of days at the beach, low key social occasions and teenage sons on school break.