Does anybody else find sneakers uncomfortable? It seems counter-intuitive because I thought athletic shoes are supposed to be the ultimate in comfort, but lately I am finding that a flat shoe with a sturdy sole is serving me much better for long walks. I am thinking maybe this has to do with the fact that I have spent much of the last few years at home barefoot, so maybe my foot structure has adapted to that. It sort of feels like a shoe with arch support is forcing my foot into a shape it doesn't like, but is maybe also something about all the cushiness at the heel of a sneaker. I know a lot of forum members have different foot concerns, so I thought someone might have some insight. I need to buy new hiking shoes, but I am thinking now maybe I better look for something more minimal.

ETA: Just wanted to clarify that I own many pairs of athletic shoes, and while they feel comfortable on my foot, after standing/walking for awhile my foot starts to hurt in a muscle/tendon way.