I've learned a few things since the dress code at work changed that took us to casual from business casual and allowed jeans daily.

1. I like navy a lot more. I find myself reaching for this over black all the time now.

2. I need more interesting tops. But then, I may have needed those anyway. My spring/summer choices are about 1/3 of my fall/winter choices, and I'm far less likely to update them. But it's been unseasonably hot the last few weeks, and my small true summer wardrobe is getting stretched.

3. I need to reevaluate toppers to go with jeans.

4. Biggest change: I wear more berry. My wardrobe is pretty heavy with blue, but I am not super fond of a sky blue top with blue jeans. Maybe that will change.

Any of you see significant changes in how you dressed if you encountered a dress code change? Any tips or pointers if you're suddenly wearing a lot of jeans?