No outfit posting going on these days - I'm in the midst of packing up and moving and got rid of my full-length mirror a few weeks ago. (don't worry, I can still see enough of myself in the mirror I have to make sure I"m not a hot mess leaving the house )  I've packed up most of my clothes and am existing on a very pared down wardrobe for the next month.  Nothing very interesting getting worn lately.  Also on the hunt for a great full-length mirror - something modern and stand-alone .  

That said,  I wanted to share a few of my new favourite things ; items I have purchased in the past week or so that are really going the distance. I haven't shopped in ages, and it was fun to freshen up my black work wardrobe new (pieces from Aritzia, finds below ) , my casual wardrobe (finds below from Lulu)  my makeup and fragrance collection, some new jewellery from one of my lines, and my latest fun thing : Hunter Rainboots.

Re the boots:  I haven't owned rainboots since I was about 10, and any I've borrowed over the years have been a nightmare to wear (stiff, heavy rubber banging into my shins; clompy , ungainly fits, and nothing I'd want to be seen in outside of a barn).  I also had a bit of a "thing" against Hunter boots as being way overpriced, and too status-y.  Well, this all changed the other day when I decided I had to have a pair of wet-weather boots to wear to work (I walk a long distance to my car through a huge slushy parking lot) and for running errands in this in between weather. I was sick of ruining my good boots this way, and enough was enough. So - after trying on a few different brands, bought a pair of Hunters, then talked myself back out of them on the way home. Way too $$. What was I thinking ? etc. Well, as soon as I got home I had to run out again, put them on, and  haven't taken them off since. I was even comfortable enough in them to wear out to  a neighbourhood  pub for a spur-of-the-moment  quick dinner with DH.   These things are lightweight, comfortable right out of the box (even barefoot, as I tend to do at times with Sorels and UGGS, even in winter  ) and are so easy to wear!  I am hooked. They look polished, interesting , and even a  bit chic. I picked the slim fit, glossy finish (not represented in the find below) , and also bought the liner socks.  Best $$ spent in ages.  

Makeup and fragrance:   it's been ages since I've bought a new scent , because I can't wear fragrance to work most days.  I was still longing for something fresh, light and interesting to wear on my own time  that wasn't one of the mass/licensed brands ....and had recently  read about the Margiela scents. Beach Walk was love at first spray.  I splurged on the candle too, but find it a bit much, unfortunately.  Have to be careful with it.  Also on the makeup front - have been reading many good things about the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Balm .  It's spendy, but I was in a "what the heck " kind of mood that day, so added it to my basket (overflowing at this point) .  I bought it in Bare Pink, and it's the perfect product for when you want colour (it warms up to "your" perfect pink)  and shine, but don't need  perfection and heavy coverage.  Looked really great with a smoky eye and light bronzer.  LOVE this, and may invest in the Blackberry colour too.  

And finally - new jewellery on heavy repeat: The Hana collection from Pilgrim Denmark.  I have worn these earrings and necklaces everyday for the past week - love, love , love the shiny bright silver and modern edge.  

Finds below include new pieces from Lululemon and Aritzia (lightweight duster/trench purchased  in black, not taupe).  

Thanks for reading !  


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