I hope it doesn't annoy people when I do these list posts. My head is full of trivial thoughts and questions, none of which merit their own thread.

1.) Are hidden wedges dated now or on the verge of being dated? I fell down a Sorel rabbit hole when I saw a blogger wearing a pair a couple weeks ago and find myself inexplicably attracted to these:

Snow/ice/slush puddle season lasts a good three to four months here so another pair of waterproof, thick-treaded boots would not go unworn, but feel like that hidden wedge look was super trendy maybe 3 years ago?

2.) I love, love, LOVE this sweater:
I also can't figure out how one would wear a coat over it. Is this the kind of garment they make solely for people who live in So Cal and who never actually need a winter coat but wish to feel winter-y? Go ahead, burst my bubble.

3.) I just want to say, I am SO happy to see y'all on the forum posting pics of yourselves in flare and bootcut jeans recently. This is my absolute favorite jeans silhouette and the one in which I look the best by far. I bought a pair of old skool Lucky Lil Maggies this fall and they are basically all I want to wear on my off days. Haven't managed to get a WIW pic yet though.