Well, today has been a pretty tough day in my world of shoes.

First, I ordered a few items from a prominent designer (winter sale), and returned items from different orders in the same box, with the appropriate forms. My return box contained two pairs of shoes that were gorgeous but ill-fitting, as well as a dress and a pair of jeans. The return was processed more than a week ago. Dress, check. Jeans, check. Shoes...no shoes. I've spent hours emailing and being putting on hold with CS to investigate what happened to the shoes. Yesterday, I was told that my return box weighed 12lb, implying that they understood that something else must've been in the box besides a dress and pair of jeans. Today, however, I was blamed for combining orders in a return, even though the return instructions fail to mention that customers are supposed to send separate orders in separate boxes. This was a serious purchase, and has me biting my nails. It will probably deter me from ordering expensive items online in the future.

Second, I took a risk and ordered a non-returnable custom-made pair of minimalist patent Chelsea boots from Greece. It's a family-run business, and was recommended to me by someone in a fitness group. You'd have to see my feet in person to understand my desperation. Anyway,
this business has more than a 1000 positive reviews on Etsy, so I waited in anticipation for over a month. I opened the box today and was initially horrified, then crestfallen: the shoes were hideous. Much better suited for hobbits, clowns, and ducks. The toe box was so round, and so huge, and immediately made me feel very self-conscious about my feet. I then swallowed my pride, and told myself that if the shoes work for my feet, I should be grateful, because of how problematic my feet are. Alas, they didn't fit! I couldn't understand. I flipped the shoe over, put my foot on the sole, and saw that the sole was ample, with plenty of room for my feet and extra room in length. Yet they fit so tightly! I'm guessing that the company didn't use enough leather in the toe box to account for foot volume. Ugh. Super wide, tight, but not returnable because it's custom-made. The company is open to exchanges, but I would have to pay for the return, and if we have to exchange shoes a few times to make this work, the shipping cost would be expensive. There's a reason why denim, not by choice, is my stylistic home.