Representative of how I’m dressing this summer so far. Of course, we are now getting into the thick of bad hot and humid weather, my absolute least favorite to dress for. It doesn’t cool off overnight. I’m sitting outside at 8am and it’s 80 degrees with 93% humidity. It rains nearly every day at some point.

These pics were before it got really gross. The hotter it gets, the more casual my outfits get, because I know I will sweat and my clothes need to be washed more often. My outfits also get looser, and less flattering. I do not feel my best in summer AT ALL. It makes me grumpy. I was just saying to my husband yesterday that I’ve been living in this area for all of my 54 years and I’ve always hated summer here, so someday I swear we will arrange our lives so that I can have a more pleasant summer climate!

1-2 worn to work at studio and host a visitor. New favorite shorts from a boutique in Santa Fe. Now I wish I’d bought both colors.

3 Worn for errands and grabbing dinner with friends

4 Hubs and I out for a day date. I wore a basic blue V neck tee and the black sarong pants with silver sandals.

5 Anthro dress from a couple of years ago. I hated how the elastic-banded sleeves felt, and they made the dress too warm for summer wear, so I had my tailor remove them. Much more wearable now.

6 old blue tee dress from Anthro - I wore this on a very hot day to walk around an outdoor sculpture park and indoor museum and sweated my ass off. Fortunately this dries quickly and is very loose, so it worked, but I don’t look great in pics from that day. Mirror selfie is the most flattering shot by far.

7 on a boat with hubs on the night before July 4th - a friend invited us out for fireworks on the water. Great time! I wore this new top from Nordstrom with the shorts from 1-2.

So the pattern I’m seeing is that I’m choosing roomier tops for summer, which is not always my most flattering look. But it makes summer weather a little more bearable.

I’m also learning that I need to keep a good supply of sleeveless or nearly sleeveless lightweight dresses that are airy and casual for summer, but most of those styles just are not flattering on me. I look awful in shapeless shifts, and those are the coolest style. And many fabrications do not appeal to me in the summer - so many things are itchy/scratchy or don’t breathe. So I’m continuing to muddle through the summer however I can!

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