Nebraskim, it's probably my 1980s shoulders which look like the padded jackets of the decade!

I really love the first outfit. It is flattering and soft but not too *pretty*. I think the second is fine and since it is comfy and looks good, it is probably good to hang onto. I just don't feel like you come through as much - while the color is good on you, it just doesn't have that Una edge. Somehow the first one just has it. I have been watching a ton of Elementary lately and Lucy Liu's outfits make me think of you SO much. Some of them are a little to soft and drapey, but usually they have a bit of edge and strong lines or color blocking - also really cool abstract prints. Her whole wardrobe comes across as so strong, even while it is deceptively simple and soft. Every episode she wears something that makes me think of you!

I think the first look is really terrific -- soft colors, with a really modern silhouette and great proportions. As for the green shirt --- I suspect it is the pairing of jewel tone with black trousers that leaves you a tad unsatisfied. As someone who used to do this sort of pairing all the time, I suspect that switching to denim with a semi tuck, or with grey, or white trousers, will probably make your happier. It's also likely that the look doesn't photograph as well as it looks IRL -- I find black pants appear a bit flat in pics.

Great looks, both. I especially like the first one. You make the unassuming white-gray-black palette come to life through layering, shape and texture. I love your hair! Feel better and have a speedy recuperation.

Thanks Mochi - I haven't even had surgery yet! Have to get blood levels up...

Very nice outfits Una! Sorry to hear you've still got a ways to go until the surgery, but hey good thing you've got lots of waist surrendering pieces eh? Love that first outfit. Are you in on the cropped jeans yet? That top will be super with cropped jeans or kick crops in summer. Second outfit looks classic Una, and I agree with others about waiting to purge those silk shirts. Also I tend to wear mine a LOT more in summer. *hugs*

Aida, I have yet to find cropped jeans for me... I may resort to thrifting and chopping a pair! Suggestions? Thanks for the sweet words.

I bought the first two in the fall but have yet to get them hemmed (probably 2-3") because I don't have any of the higher shaft footwear that I'd want to wear with them. Just been wearing at ankle length for now. Actually debating leaving the lighter wash pair at ankle length. Also thinking of ordering it in the white, they are suuuuper comfortable for jeans. You know I don't normally go petite for pants but in this case I think we might have to because the knee break and lengths are all off in regular sizes. I don't want blue denim though so the options are much more limited. If I find anything good I'll let you know!

These come in petites, haven't tried them on in person but could work:

Also heard some forum members say that the LOFT pairs are very slim in the calves, could be good for us and they often have petites as well.

EDIT: I forgot! I also bought these orange pants, in petite, at the end of summer.