For my whole teenage and adult life, I've been a handbag girl. Having a strong practicality streak, having an array of handbags just seemed more functional to me - I had a hard time finding shoes for my wide feet that fit and were comfortable to walk in all day, and when I did, I was loathe to expose them to Canadian weather as they were destroyed so easily. At the same time, I loved the idea of having a stylish receptacle for all that I lugged around all day.

In the last year or so, this has completely changed for me. I realized that with the amount of work I bring home every day and my limited nights out as a mom of two, I really only need totes in my handbag wardrobe. And even those totes get carried from the car to work and then stuffed in a cabinet in my office. My handbag requirements have become much more stringent: must be capacious, easy to carry (cross-body or knapsack), beautiful, and functional. A tall order.

Shoes, on the other hand, are worn all day and with my recent wardrobe minimalism, they are the perfect way to cap off an outfit with a little flair. But as a working mother, I had no time to go to the mall to try on hundreds of pairs of shoes to find ones that fit every time I needed a new pair.

Enter the J Crew Dulci Kitten heel. These pumps are the perfect height for me, the perfect style (I love refined shoes), and come in a wide array of colours and patterns that were never available to me as a lover of low-heeled shoes. How did I deal with the weather problem? I throw them in my huge tote, and only wear them indoors at work!

I have only recently started to plan my wardrobe around my lifestyle (duh) and this was a huge realization for me. I just bought my 6th pair for spring (see in my Finds below.)

What about you? Have you made any style changes you never thought you'd make?