Happy birthday! I first saw this post without photos and was picturing the outfit in my head, but it is much better than I imagined.

Just lovely and happy birthday! I agree with Ms Mavens winter styling suggestion, certainly worth a go!

Happy Birthday! And you always look so offhand elegant to me.

Happy Birthday! I love how the silver accessories elevate the look. Lovely outfit!

That's a super fab outfit, Joy. I think the skirt is a great length. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! The skirt looks great - no styling tips but best wishes!

Thank you all for your comments and boost of confidence. These days of quarantin I feel old and vulnerable.

Happy Birthday! The skirt is lovely. You look youthful and modern! I hope that you had a super day.

Happy Birthday!And what a great look,comfy but smart.lm so sorry that quarantine is weighing heavy.I hope that you manage to forget it for a few hours and enjoy your birthday

Thank you, Jane and Cardiff girl. As JAileen said...just when you thought things could not get worse...we still have bag air quality from huge out of control forest fires so we could not go outdoors, along comes cases of West Nile virus and the first people I know coming down with the corona virus where my parents used to live in Iowa. One is in the hospital on a ventilator with hardly any kidney function. These are middle aged active farmers that were in good health. They had been very careful and mostly around close family.

This is beautiful, Joy. Happy belated birthday!

Thank you , beautiful UmmLila.

Wow, a really stylish birthday outfit with the metallic shines added!!!! LOVe! LOVE! LOVE! And Many happy returns of The Day, Joy, you always look so stylish and fab!!! Please stay safe and healthly in these very stressfull, trappy times!!

I think this is my favorite outfit of yours! The skirt is great, I quite like the length. And I really love those shoes with it.

Joy, I am late here, but happiest birthday! You look sensational in that tube skirt -- quite elegant but also relaxed -- and the colours of everything are brilliant with your glorious hair. Lovely!

Happy belated birthday, Joy! Gorgeous outfit for a lovely lady! That tube skirts look so hip with the blousy top--you are fab head to toe!

Many thanks. I am so grateful for each of you, lovely wise and kind women. You make my life better and happier.

Happy belated birthday Joy! You look wonderful in those colours.