Of all the things I’ve been trying to learn since joining YLF earlier this year, I’m finding FIT to be the most difficult. I’ve come to the conclusion that tailored, fairly close fits are generally the most flattering on my body type, even thought other ones work occasionally. For these sturctuured, tailored looks, I have to play goldilocks in order to find the best fit…I literally have to try one that is too small, one that is too large, and then hopefully one that is just right. And, I often have to take photos in the dressing room and look at them in real-time. I can’t seem to consistently identify “just right fit ” any other way.

When I find only one size in a store, or order only one online, I see no pattern in my judgement on whether it’s the right size, except that I seem to get it wrong a lot. I do a lot of returns. Occasionally I end with something that is close but not quite right. I guess I just need more practice.

This faux leather jacket seemed to fit me pretty well, and I really like it, so it followed me home, but I don’t trust myself on the fit. There is one larger size available online that I could order. This one fits well over a light to mid-weight sweater so I can wear it now, and it will be wearable as an outdoor topper in spring and fall. I love the color and the subtle stitched pattern on the sides and back. What do you think fabbers? Should I order the next size up even if just for comparison purposes?

This black velvet blazer on the other hand I’m more sure of. I tried on two sizes and think I picked the right one.

As always would love to hear your comments and ideas!

1 – 3 faux leather jacket

4 black velvet blazer one size too big

5 black blazer right size

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