I'm not ready to get rid of all of these things yet but I realized
there were several categories of things I have not worn the past year.
Do you have a similar list?

Sweatshirts - I do have a sweatshirt like tee with a v-neck that I
love, but the actual basic sweatshirt style is something I have not
reached for at all this year.

Leopard - I finally have come to terms with the fact that leopard for
me doesn't work with the exception of a belt or shoes. I have some sort
of negative association against it I think. Too "cougar" or something.

Bracelets - for a while I was all about bracelets, this past year I
think I've worn some only on a couple of occasions. Simple gold or rose
gold pendants are all I've really worn this year.

Large belts - I've been opting mostly for slimmer belts - not true
"skinny" belts but those that are like 1" wide instead of those that are
2 or more inches wide. And almost always reaching for a simple navy or
cognac belt as opposed to one that stands out more. I did wear my
platinum cut out fossil belt a fair amount but I think I got tired of it

Utility Jacket - my favorite deep green utility jacket suddenly fell
out of favor. I feel like I need something softer in feel and with more
room under the arms to accommodate sleeves without bunching. I don't
know that I will fully embrace the trend for more body-con tops but
maybe once in a while when I do I will try them with the utility jacket.