I started the 5 Piece French Wardrobe as an experiment in buying fewer, better, or at least better for my style. I didn't have a budget, because I wanted to take cost off the table. I came in a little under last years total, but not as much as I thought I would have.

I bought 5 basics early on, but once I got into my 5 pieces I bought only a pair of leggings to wear with the Nick K dress. I think I'll stick to pieces that compliment the 5 now.

The numbers

2014- 17 pieces, $1335

2015- 11 pieces, $1001

The pros

will get more wear out of less things and not feel overly wasteful by purging barely worn stuff.

this forced my to focus and brought me much closer to my aspirational style.

The cons

I see a lot of stuff that is pretty perfect for my style in it's off season.

Each pick does mean giving up a potential better pick. I left most of my picks in watch lists and looked at a lot of stuff before clicking buy.

The really long SYC that will happen during resort season. This does tend to be my slower shopping season, but I've never done no shopping. August's SYC was my first effective shopping ban.

Overall, the 5 piece was a positive experience and I'm hoping to do it for a year as the experiment. I added a winter season because I live in a four season climate and it didn't make sense to choose between winter boots and fall footwear. Most years, I need one of each. Same with coats.