Yesterday s post about describing one s desired style in 5 adjectives was a really fun read but I found that I am unable to reconcile my DESIRED style with my ACTUAL style and Angie suggested posting on the forum to get help.I realise with out actually seeing me in a variety of outfits this might be difficult.In my fantasy life I m very elegantly dressed in silk blouses ,dresses,skirts,heels ,discreet jewellery in modern shapes HOWEVER in real life I m usually in machine washable clothes ,flat heels ,trousers quite often jeans.I love colours,quite happy to try new shapes and like to stay current if not slavishly following fashion.I also sew,knit a bit and am quite fond of charity shopping(I think it’s called thrifting in America).I don’t like overly fussy clothes,a good cut always grabs my eye as does a lovely colour.One of the other reasons I might be finding this difficult is good old cliched English reticence.I find myself either being terribly flippant about things as a defence mechanism which is why I didn’t come up with a style moniker on the site ,I felt it could have been perceived as mocking which is the last thing I would want to do,or I feel all hot and sweaty ,as I do now typing this,for drawing attention to myself which is a terribly un-British thing to do!Wow ,this has turned into a therapy session,time to stop.Any comments welcome especially if you can enlighten me on how to define my style.