I thought I’d start a discussion on this based on a recent experience of mine. I’d love to hear how others feel about this.

I've felt this way about two different pairs of sneakers.I love them alone, love the idea, they seem to check all boxes, and they are super comfortable, but I just don’t like them in outfits.

I recently went through this with these camel colored Josef Seibel ones.  I love the color, they look great on my feet, and they feel soooo good, but when I try to style them with an outfit it’s a huge fail. They are too tomboy, or something that I can’t quite figure out. It’s not the white sole that’s the issue, I like white soles on other sneakers.  I even found Pinterest outfits for how to wear them that I though I liked and tried. I love camel as a neutral color. Just NO. Returned them. I also have black Eccos that I would describe the same way. I do wear these at home but don’t like to wear them out anywhere.

It’s such a bummer because they would be perfect travel sneakers.
Instead I’d rather use my grey borns or Nike sporty ones. So I’m listening to my feelings on this even thought my mind can’t quite figure out what is wrong so I keep repeating

Finds #1 and #2 are the ones I didn’t like; the black ones I own and the camel ones I returned.

Finds #3 and #4 are sneakers I do like and do wear. The Nike's are running shoes but I wear them as regular shoes for walking around all day.