Suz and Gryffin - and anyone else! - you mentioned you liked the Kit & Ace pants in the roundup today. Fab '80s and early '90s redux

Soooo, I've ordered them, along with the wide floppy navy pants from Kit & Ace too. Finds #1 and #2.

I have ALSO ordered the navy pants in Find #3 because they look like a genius luxe dressy-casual hybrid. On sale, Tory Burch.

Will keep you posted on how they work and fit. The photo is such a cute travel look (with my denim jackets instead)....or I'd add blazer to make Gryffin and Suz happy

*UPDATE: The Tory Burch are absolutely STUNNING. VERY high quality piece. Fit perfectly! LOVE

*The fabric of the Kit & Ace pants are very soft, thin and floppy, IYKWIM. You might like them! They fit well. Very nice! VERY lightweight. Tory Burch much dressier and better quality. Substantial, yet very soft.