I swore I was not going to get sucked into making a list of pieces....but I understand the value of making yourself accountable. As I've mentioned a few times recently - so ignore this part if you've heard me before - I've been doing the capsule "system" for about 3 months now. It started out by accident : I was attempting to do a full-closet edit and bought myself a nifty IKEA rolling rack (a la Lee Vosburg) , and set to work. I could not keep up with a full-on edit so decided to start wearing just my black, white and grey things for the months of April and May. I put all of my good stuff on the rack and went to work - every day I'd pick a piece to base an outfit around, and if it or anything else chosen was no longer a 10/10 for fit /flattery, I ditched it. My donation bag grew almost daily. By June 1 I was tired of black and grey, especially with the weather changing, and wanted to move to another grouping : navy, pale blue and olive green. I'm into that capsule right now and it's still working marvellously. I wear pieces I used to ignore or had forgotten about, and am quickly weeding out clothes I don't want anymore. I'm being ruthless as nothing looks better than a clean, minimal rolling rack that's not stuffed with "stuff". Of course when there is something special I want to dress for, I'll pick a piece (usually black as that's what my most of my "going out" pieces are) that's not necessarily on the rolling rack and I'm not setting big rules for myself here. But again - this is fabulous for someone like me who doesn't need a ton of variety , is happy repeating outfits over and over again, and who is ready to switch up after 8 weeks and move on to something new. This also works if your closet is not all one colour - or one colour palette. I am not looking for wardrobe holes to fill; instead , I'm taking the opposite approach and looking for solutions to those perceived "needs" from within my own closet.

Right now this is what I'm wearing until the end of July:

2 denim dresses
1 olive green dress
I navy/ivory print dress
I or 2 pair of jeans
I pair white jeans
3 jackets (1 blazer and 2 bombers)
I pair olive green loose fit pants (dressier)
4-5 different t's/tanks - mix of dressier and more casual/minimal
I pale blue slouchy drapey fine knit open front sweater
1 navy s/s blouse
2 pr nude sandals (one dressier one more casual)
1 pair pale blue suede sandals
1 baby blue leather purse
1 olive green leather purse
1 pair slouchy navy trousers
white Birks
white Stan Smiths
cognac mules

I'm not considering weekend /uber casual clothes here as mine follow no discernible colour scheme - ha. Neither does my workout wear . Shoes and bags are accounted for above, jewellery is not.

Not sure yet what I'll be doing for August/September, but probably will stay on course with the colours and pieces I am wearing now.