Well, first post here! I'm in serious need of advice that isn't a quote on Pinterest, or my Mom telling me SHE thinks I'm beautiful.

I'm going through a change. Not "the change," (so sorry for those of you that are. You got this!!) but a change that no one around me seems to be going through. Maybe I've just lost my touch, but I'm putting out these feelers less to hear that I'm normal, and more to get some advice on how I can pull myself out of this blahville trip I've been on.

Side note: my life is full and makes me ecstatically happy to be a part of it every single day. I even have a fulfilling job helping the less fortunate, a Prince Charming and my adorable puppy children.

I've worked so so so so hard to be the woman I am today, and the only thing that seems to be missing after that incredible journey is my mojo!

I'm 26. I know you're rolling your eyes, or about to switch to a different topic now that I've told you I'm 26 and not really feeling myself, but there's more to that. I used to be happy and sure of myself, and going out on the town was fun...not torturous. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis this year and my body had been wreaking havoc on itself (constant ups and downs with weight). My clothing size changed, but my sense of style changed as well.

What has it changed into? You ask?

I don't freaking know.

I go to the store and can't find anything that interests me until I finally give up and go to goodwill to find some quirky vintage outfit.

Lately, I've been realizing that this quirky vintage glam style tends to be what I gravitate toward, but I CANT PUT AN OUTFIT TOGETHER.

In summation, has this happened to anyone before? Have you ever just lost your mojo? If so, what can I do to build mine back up?